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End of Year School Christmas Liturgy

Student smiling at Christmas liturgy with reindeer antler headband

St Columbkille’s School and Parish came together to share the great story of Christmas which has been told millions of times around the world. A story of preparation, excitement and anticipation centred around and heading towards the promised birth, in great glory, of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Our school staff, our students, our parishioners and musicians from our Diocese brought the Gospel story from Luke (2:1-20) to musical life. The musical Liturgy called "Prepare Ye" was a reverent display and visual interpretation of the details of this Biblical recount.

Students dramatised the Christmas story, a recount detailing Jesus’ parents, Mary and Joseph and their story of courage… of fear… of love… of exaltation and of celebration. Our musicians told the story through an array of songs each demonstrating a level of intensity and anticipation as found in the story.

"Prepare Ye" took our faith community to a prayerful visual and musical display of the long journey to Bethlehem on a weary and dry road. This musical liturgy reminded our faith community of the journey to Bethlehem where there was no lights, no smooth roadsides, just rocks on a mountainous road.

"Prepare Ye", our musical Liturgy ignited the importance in us all of taking this journey, what we call life, together, as a faith community. It reminded us, through the birth of our Saviour, to continue to celebrate our school motto "Christ is the way".