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Vision, Mission and Values


Learning together, Shaping futures.


  • At St Columbkilles Catholic Primary School, we:
    • Live by our school motto, 'Christ is the Way.' 
    • Are inspired by the love of Jesus Christ, the charism of St Mary of the Cross MacKillop and the Josephite sisters. 
    • Cater for the needs of individual students where learning is diverse, contemporary and innovative. 
    • Foster positive relationships with students, parents/carers, staff, parish and the wider community. 
    • Provide a caring, safe and supportive environment, where all fee valued, respected and celebrated. 
    • Commit ourselves to ecological sustainability and a common care for creation.  


Faith, Learning, Respect, Responsibility, Community and Celebration

St Columbkille’s is a Catholic primary school:

  • where Catholic values, traditions and rituals are taught, nurtured and celebrated, within the life of the school;
  • where learning is child-centred, contemporary and innovative, catering for the needs of individuals through a diverse and relevant curriculum;
  • that encourages and promotes relationships with parents, parish and the wider community fostering a sense of welcome, belonging and acceptance; and
  • that provides a caring, safe and supportive environment, where all individuals feel valued and encouraged to achieving their potential.
Download our St Columbkille's Vision and Mission brochure